Family fun night


Doing whatever makes the kids stoked! 

Major props to the faculty and parents who volunteer to be dunked. Straight cold garden hose water, windy, and into the dark evening. They always looked bummed and freezing after 15 min, everyone of them.

I always feel bad, and think I should just wear a wetsuit and volunteer ...ha ha! All their problems could be solved with a wettie, except for cold water shoved up your nose over and over. Much respect. 



Mila following what she sees. Sometimes you can't tell your kids to do things but just lead by example and hope it resonates with them. 



Haven't made this particular outline in a bit. Extra bite at the end of your turns. There's a particular time and place to incorporate this design.



Latest attempt at cocoa almond milk, with almond milk froth on top, sea algae , and all organic.

Next attempt is to make my own almond milk for it. 

Got this


Shipping operations nightmare as plans change. It ain't all fun in the sun and riding new surfboards as a shaper. Gotta embrace the thrill of problem solving.

The trickier the problem, the more creative the solution.