Made a few of this board design as a test. Maybe 10 boards over a period of time.

1 board was all time  epic, 1 board was not vibing well, and the rest were ok, not amazing but not terrible. All were very close in design , maybe slight details tweaked, but pretty much carbon copies especially off the epic board one.

The whole time I couldn't figure out why it wasn't quite there. The first epic one, kept me chasing this design, but I questioned the pursuit as time went on.

Finally I think I figured it out. A slight increase in curve in a certain area of the board, and in an area you wouldn't think first in a small wave performance board. 

The bit of straightness that was ever so slight for some reason was hard to identify. It wasn't hurting the board, but more of a comfort fit thing.  

Can't wait to try this new one.