Ethan mindset/ promotion

Ethan Ryker got his first stripe promotion this weekend. Here is a video clip. 

The week prior Ethan really got smashed and his butt kicked by a bigger, stronger , more skilled boy for three, 3 minute rounds for a total of 9 minutes.

I wasn't sure if he would be rattled next class. 

He wasn't , he came back strong next class and I'm super stoked. He ended up getting promoted.

I hope at a subconscious level Ethan realizes "overcome and achieve". 

Its something you can only learn if you put yourself in those situations of a true challenge to test yourself. Or life challenges you regardless. Better to be tested by doing it willingly so when life hands you out a test you know how to overcome any obstacle and challenge mentally because you've done it over and over already. Something as a parent I feel is only a good thing if learned early as a kid.