Got a little shaper testing done.

My personal surfing has been sketchy with the footwork on my board , from lack of water time, but got to test a couple of rockers for junk mushy waves.  Felt good to surf though.

Here is a quick raw clip from 2 different spots. Waves a quick distance from my house , weak and mushy but surfable, perfect for testing boards.

1st wave: ( board 1, w/ medium kolohe fins) board very relaxed rocker but feeling little off sometimes on the turns and fit in wave, but board felt dependable. 

2nd , 3rd , wave:  ( board 2, w/ medium kolohe fins) another fresh board , rocker felt pretty good, but only caught a handful of waves so need to try it again. Rocker felt slick and fast with good curve but drivey. Actual board felt a bit small even though liters are same as board 1.

4th, 5th , 6th , 7th wave: (board 3, w/ med merrick fins) board is a fairly standard board for head high waves, felt like something I'm use too, but a touch grabby and slow reaction for these waves. Wrong board for time and place. So can't knock it to hard.

Learned quite a few things but this is a quick summary and clip.