Another break through in shaping. Having a nice growth spurt. 

Been wanting to shape in this method, but haven't had the confidence till now. 

Nice side effect as is decreased the shaping production time by 17% or more. 



Reached a new shaping level on this batch. A greater sense of clarity on certain lines, curves and flex patterns, leading to better hand finishing of the boards.



Pre- all these rewind cam shark breaching sightings. I remember surfing Lowers by myself cause it was junk and it feeling super sketchy great white shark feeling. Like a pretty strong vibe. Kept my feet up, caught a couple and was out.

Kept telling myself , nah they don't really have too much shark stories here. Shortly after a couple breaches caught on cam at Lowers. Here is a recent one. 



Happen to see a random video clip on insta of some surfers in Bali. Cool to see one of the boards, recognized it fast.

Thanks Sebastian.

Always stoked when the boards make it into traveling surfers board bags.