How long does a custom order take?

Custom orders take 4-5 weeks from start to completion. It can vary within in surf seasons. With quicker times or slight delay, pending the demands of the surf season.

Can I discuss my board design so that I can get the proper fit and size?

Absolutely, please use the contact icon in the navigation menu, to send an email. We want to tailor board to each individual surfer, to maximize performance. 

How do I pick up my board?

To all customers on Oahu, Hawaii: boards are shipped directly to your mailing address. Shipping is included with the purchase of boards.

I live on the Outer Islands of Hawaii, can I have a board shipped to me?

Yes, boards are shipped out to Aloha Air Cargo location at your nearest airport of your residence for pick up. Shipping is included with the purchase of boards.

How are accessories and apparel shipped out?

Individual orders of accessories and apparel will be shipped directly to your mailing address. Accessories ordered with a board will be shipped along with your board. Shipping is included on all purchases.