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5'8'' x 19.62 x2.44 x 28.11L Suplex Stock Board

385.00 445.00

Suplex stock board ready to ship to all Islands in Hawaii. FCS2 fin system. Carbon web fused toe patches on tail. Free shipping on Oahu.


A design that will help surfers wrestle sub par waves, and simultaneously  providing novices or surfers with limited water time fun surf sessions.



Having a relaxed rocker for extra speed starting from paddling and wave entry, through out your entire ride. 

Wider tail outline so your able to put your back foot back on the tail block to turn without losing speed. Wider nose so you can ride this board 1’’- 3’’ shorter then your height.

Single to double concave to keep performance, with a slight vee exit to help the transfer rail to rail easier, and a double concave running through the vee eliminate to help eliminate or reduce that dull feeling stubby boards can bring.

Designed with medium full rails to 4 x 4 or climb over sections, enabling you gain even more speed.

Shaper Comments:

Waves are not flat, but less then ideal, it’s either tiny, tide is too high, or swell is too weak. This board will make the surf session fun, providing you with extra speed, and helping you to whip around your turns whenever and wherever due to the freedom and speed the design provides.

Busy with work or school? Not getting in the water as often as you like too? Or still newer to surfing in general? 

This board is for you because how easy and friendly it is. Catch waves easy, no struggle on gaining speed, get some turns going, have fun.

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suplextopandbottom white.jpg