That's a lot of additional orbiting objects. Pretty crazy how these things don't already crash into the astronauts. With all the debri already there too. 

Jo Koy


The other weekend scored Jo Koy tickets, 3rd row , front and dead center.

Shows were sold out, but 1 week prior checked the site again and these seats were available for less then all the other seats even upper level. I thought it was fraud. So I made sure to download the app for tickets.

I swore never to sit so close to the stage for some comedians as they will put people on blast!

I saw this guy directly in front of us come in with 2 beers in hand. I was impressed that he wouldn't have to take a piss for the whole show. 

Nope he did, and boy did he get put on blast ALL night by Jo Koy. We actually all had to wait as the show had to stop since they were filming. We all waited for him to piss, it was hilarious. 

Prior to this guy, I was nervous as we were the only asians in the front, and was trying not to manifest him calling us out as he joked about different races. But once this guy went to the bathroom I knew we were in the clear and could relax more, as Jo could not stop picking on this guy, but damn it was funny.

Maybe we'll be on his Netflix special as were were directly in the front center , but maybe the bathroom guy blew it for us and they will use another nights film footage. Either way Jo was amazing.


Apple TV


Catching up on some Haleiwa heats.

What's up with the WSL? They load first few days of heats on YouTube, but on finals day, it's like they break down the production so fast that day after the comp they don't even load the finals , semi, and quarters for big QS events like the Triple Crown and US Open, onto YouTube.

For an organization that is possibly losing money last I heard , if that's correct or not. Seems like a few more YouTube views with Ad payments pre video would only help, no matter how limited the core surfing audience is.

Even if that info is incorrect.

I can't think of any other sport that would upload early rounds but not the final rounds.




A big part of the reason my sons name is Ethan is due to this movie.

Mindset, will power, determination and sheer obesession to overcome the impossible, despite what all others view as possible, is the basis of this movie.

The movie is based on a normal birth human in a world dominated by the privileged that were born with their DNA altered to become more of a perfect human.

Now with CRISPR science actually being put into use , pretty crazy that our current reality could one day parallel this movie.


Flat in the morning.  

Evening sesh, waves started to pulse right before dark and crowd gave up few minutes prior and thinned out. 

Frothing way to hard causing sloppy truns. Trying to catch to many waves in 20 minutes.   Too hyped!

Riding a 5'10" with 24.75 or so liters. Squash tail.