Grom comp


Such a fun weekend. Ethan's first surf comp. He was excited for the comp, after watching the CT heat recaps of Bali the nights before when we would wind down at night before bed.

When guys would throw spray he would call it splash. He was always cheering on the blue jersey , but the past 2 nights he switched to cheering on the red jersey since they always win. He's too young for me to explain red jersey is ranked higher, and he gets confused sometimes there is a yellow jersey not understanding why. He's getting the hang of seeing the point totals during the heat.

I'll try to get some video clips up soon of the grom comp.

Security breach


Custom order. Thought this one was gonna be difficult to shape, but did the heavy lifting in the board programming side of it so it ended up being fluid and easy to shape.

The hardest part was the mosquito that somehow infiltrated and breached into the shaping room and went 100 on me during the shaping of this board. 



The best 3 1/8 thick board I've shaped so far. Shaping tiny little grom boards or super big thick boards take extra awareness as you shape. Been shaping some real thick ones recently and learned some new skills sets that are paying off.