North Swells


Trying not to slide out and face plant at the bottom of this wave , little hard to see in picture.

Waves have been roping past few weeks with almost no one out. Down the line and bowling. Will always remember these sessions. Definitely had some mild anxiety on a few.

Sould have tested some longer freshies, but had these shorties I really wanted to ride. In hindsight not smart, not really getting true feedback due to the waves bowling so hard, and spent to much time trying not to eat it to hard from board being to short and not controlling speed.  So in the end not a smart way to test boards.

Fun times though.  Will always remember these sessions.

Float tank


Got a gift of 3 x 90 min float tank sessions. 

Been wanting to do this for a long time! 

Float tanks or sensory deprivation tanks are a tank with no light and water , water is same temperature as body, the water buoyancy is at a place that you float perfect so you can breath but feel no gravity, you see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing. You can go in naked too. All sensory is gone, your floating in space.

All you are left with us your mind. 

I heard amazing things about this, clarity, and a meditation so deep.

Super excited and a touch nervous. Peeling back the layers of your mind.

Ready for some next level mental game.