Tuesday pm


Felt good to train last night. Got to roll with a couple surfers who are awesome at jiu jitsu too. Always appreciate them sharing their knowledge of the mats with me.

Experience in a float tank


Here is my first experience in a float tank.

A float tank is a tank of water, filled with about 900lbs of epom salt at the temperature near your body temperature so your body floats and is neither hot nor cold. There is no light. You hear nothing, feel nothing , neither gravity, and see nothing. All your senses are gone. You are also completely naked. Your left with your mind.

People say they hallucinate, feel like a rebirth, acceleration of learning, meditatitve state, being back in a womb, amongst other experiences. 

I was shown into a dark room with no light with the tank located in the room, and kinda tripped out. I opted to have a dim light on in the tank just to acclimate for a few minutes. 

The experience of being in a room with no light by yourself , then hopping into a gaint spaceship freeezer box all by yourself  and closing the door that also has no light is just a trip. I can't exlain that.

I layed in the water, and immediately felt like I was spinning. I think I was just nervous. 

After a few minutes, I knew I could not walk away from the session without doing it in total darkness. I wanted to do this so bad, I had to overcome the nerves.  Even though I have 2 more sessions to go. I could not drive away without doing it right the first time for the total experience.

I sat up and tried to open the door. So that I could turn off the light in the tank.

The door would not open and I started to freak out with shortness of breath my heart beat racing!!!! Am I trapped in here?

I quickly realized I was pushing on the wrong bar to open the door. I think that paints a picture of the nerves I had. 

I opened the door and used the remote to turn off the light into total darkness. 

I layed back down and again my body felt like it was spinning fast. Feeling a bit sea sick as I hardly ate in the day, and the water did not calm down yet in the tank. 

Eventually the water became perfectly still, and the spinning and sea sickness was gone. I had intentions of rewiring my brain. But quickly realized like meditation this is gonna take some work to get deeper as the initial panic and fear of the unknown in this tank was a challenge at first.

As I worked through that I eventually opened my eyes and that was a trip like seeing into space. Not sure maybe it felt that way cause that's what I have been facinated by lately. 

I decided it felt better with my eyes closed. 

I eventually slipped into moments of meditation, and some self realizations. By then I was able to relax much more and really start to feel weightless. 

There came a point where I started to breath through my nose and could hear all the air travel through my esophagus into my lungs. It was so weird though as I could not feel my body , and I felt disconnected from my body. 

It was like I was very near my body, but not in it. Like if my body was layed out on a table and I stood next to it.

I started to realize how precious the human body is as a vessel for us, but how we truly all neglect it in some way. We all know this , but I felt I was experiencing it at that moment. Like my body is something that I'm being loaned to use and how unexplainable precious it truly is. 

It's like I was looking at my body. Looking at this thing that I was given to use. Like here is your suit for you to use. I was kinda trippin.

Eventually music started to come on as my hour was up. The blue light started to dim on. 

It felt like I was being woken up from traveling in space, in a space ship for a long period of time like the movies.  

At the same time it felt like I was being re-birth. That was crazy! I read of that but thought I wouldn't feel that way.

For those of you who do yoga. It felt like waking up from Shavasana but in space. 

I tried to stand up to open the door but felt wobbly like Bambi after not feeling gravity for an hour. 

I watched this thing about astronauts coming back to earth after feeling no gravity, I can only imagine now, but I do get it, as you see them get wheeled off in wheelchairs after they land.

Prior to taking a shower I could see the salt like another skin appearing to peel of my body only adding to the feeling a re-birth happening in my mind.

I can only imagine, everyone's experiences are different.  

If anyone decides to try it here are a few tips I was told from someone that did it prior that I talked to and also what I read. 

Put in the ear plugs really good. As you don't want the water messing with your experience. 

Don't get the water in your eye at all cost. As the salt will burn your eye and you will have to address that with a rinse. Again messing with your experience. 

Initally put your finger tips out to the wall and stabilize yourself to stabilize your body still , so you don't bump into the walls during your experience.  

Those tips went a long way for me.  

The experience felt like reading 2 sentences in a novel of my brain and all I want to do now is read the rest of the book. And physically the epsom salt did wonders the next day as every nagging sports injury was gone.

I have 2 more sessions I'm going to for sure and will write about those. 

I went to  :

Dream Float Hawaii




Fine tune


Was able to fine tune one of my shaping hand tools to a new way that's more comfortable. Thanks to one piece of new hardware.

The method is by no means new, but the new comfort I feel is the game changer part.

As feel is critical part of shaping.  

I appreciate being able to learn this method from multiple shapers who are recognized as some of the best. I was able to see their own unique ways of what makes them feel comfortable doing this method.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of the above, as it's rare for many to get the chance like I did.




Big thanks to Fysio Therapie and David Lui for helping me function properly physically asap.

If your ever injured and need some work done on you, I highly recommend them.

David is a avid surfer, a black belt in jiu jitsu, and works with athletes and people of all walks of life.

Its definitely reassuring when the person working on you, understands what is being asked of your body because of surfing..etc




Google once once offered Snapchat 30billion to buy them. Is it over for Snap thanks to Insta stories?


Insane Apple beat out Amazon to the race for a Trillion dollars. Even with Amazon Prime day.



Injured again. Back on the program of seeing the right people to get me back to health asap. Thank goodness for these awesome people. Got some chiro work done yesterday.

Use to be on a pretty strict program and started slacking a bit on it. Had I not done that I think this could have been prevented.

Vowing to never break that consistency again.  



Tiny wave sesh.

Crazy rainbow, turtle chillin next to me, epic sunset, zero people out at the peak I surfed. Can't complain.

Tourist like those on that boat in the picture  pay a lot of money to come to Hawaii to see what us surfers see almost every sesh.



Made a lot of design improvements over the past few months. Some are not as visible to the eye, but definitely felt on the wave. Here is a picture of the latest.