Mailing out Ethan's next contest entry form. So weird to check him off as having a surfboard sponsor when he still hasn't caught a wave without assistance. Lucky Ethan.

Invitation please


This Japanese billionaire just bought all the seats on the SpaceX flight around moon. Unreal. 

Imagine how life changing it would be to see the Earth and world from the perspective of space. I bet that for quite some time no little problems would ever bother you, like traffic for instance. It would seem so small in comparison to the universe.

Even surfing would could have a deeper meaning realizing you are playing on the little edge of the vast ocean water of Mother Earth.

Ethan / Magazine


Ethan Ryker in the latest Freesurf Magazine. 

Very bottom left corner of the grom picture, with the white shirt looking side ways.

Gonna keep this picture for two reasons. First shot in a magazine. Magazines may not exist when he gets older, especially surfing ones.



Learned a lot this summer on how to make a standard high performance shortboard work in smaller waves and still keep maximum high performance.

Different curves and blends that has nothing to do with the "shorter/ wider/ flatter" in any sence. Words that can be typically associated with small waves and boards.

Neither is wrong or right. But definitely excited on these new blends of curves and design fundamentals.




Elon Musk on Rogan


Elon Musk has been catching a lot of heat lately, from his social media rant on the ex-navy seal to also saying he would take his company private and had secure funding.

I was super pumped to watch Elon on Joe Rogan. He was actually pretty funny, and I empathize with him. 

My fascination with space and the limited longevity of plant earth has definitely made me a fan of Elon after seeing his expression of why he wants space travel. As he obviously runs Space X.



Been watching this to decompress. Pretty funny if your into a light comedy tv show. Kinda like the movie Crazy Rich Asians. I give it a 4 out of 5 star review.