Mila self defense/ promotion

As a father just want my daughter to be safe self defense wise, forever in life.

Jiu Jitsu may not come so naturally for Mila, neither does being low key and quite in a disciplined setting for her.

She naturally is outgoing, friendly , and just loving to entertain.

Proud of her for putting forth the effort to train. 

Here is a clip of Mila's promotion this past weekend. 



Ethan mindset/ promotion

Ethan Ryker got his first stripe promotion this weekend. Here is a video clip. 

The week prior Ethan really got smashed and his butt kicked by a bigger, stronger , more skilled boy for three, 3 minute rounds for a total of 9 minutes.

I wasn't sure if he would be rattled next class. 

He wasn't , he came back strong next class and I'm super stoked. He ended up getting promoted.

I hope at a subconscious level Ethan realizes "overcome and achieve". 

Its something you can only learn if you put yourself in those situations of a true challenge to test yourself. Or life challenges you regardless. Better to be tested by doing it willingly so when life hands you out a test you know how to overcome any obstacle and challenge mentally because you've done it over and over already. Something as a parent I feel is only a good thing if learned early as a kid.




Always grateful for all the friends I have met through surfing.

Everyone I met has a cool skill or something unique that I can learn from and maybe they excel at something that isn't necessarily directly linked to surfing.

A awesome thing is the Jiu Jitsu monsters I have met through surfing. I always appreciate the tips/ coaching and guidance they shown to a beginner kook like myself especially when I'm not able to dedicate the time like they themselves have, since shaping and everything surfing related takes priority since that's what the customers are counting on that I do, in order to help produce the best boards I possibly can.

A cool surfing / bjj black belt friend of mine hooked me up with a new Gi. Stoked. 

Wong family


Hanging out with Derek Wong's family and some of the Kewalo boyz. Good to see everyone. Forgot to take more pics.

Here is Ethan in the pool all afternoon at their house.

Andromeda galaxy


This is what our sky will look like when the Andromeda Galaxy will collide as predicted with our Milky Way Galaxy. 

This is the view from earth. 

Andormeda is headed our way at 68 miles a second. 

This is the kinda stuff been looking at to fall asleep at night lately, I trip out. Wifey trips out at me and calls me a weirdo...ha ha ! 




Ethan boy did a couple rounds of sparring with a bigger and more skilled boy today. 

He got his ass kicked, and he was really  bummed and borderline crying.

I'm stoked he didn't give up, as I'm sure a big part of him wanted too.  

Nothing great comes easy, and I want him to feel the fight in his spirit.

There will always be somebody better , stronger , faster , more skilled, more talented, no matter what your sport or profession.  I want Ethan to learn how to process that mentally and overcome it.


One Strange Rock


This pick above looked straight out of a sci -if movie. Unreal. 


Couldn't believe this pic above was real place.


Hands down I think this might be the best thing I ever watched. Movie or television. Maybe cause I'm in this galaxy/ space phase, but these episodes were unbelievable.

I think it all started with a question one day in the water during a surf, when I looked at the sun and wondered does that thing have everlasting recycling energy?

That night before bed I googled it, and learned the sun will eventually burn out , but prior to that will destroy the earth. A few billion years from now that will be a legitimate problem for humans if we are still around.

We can already see it happen in other galaxies.

Most people laugh when I tell them this, and it is funny to talk about. But at the same time insane! Can you imagine living and the sun destroying the earth is a real problem in your lifetime?

Sure you can assume we will live on other planets, but we also assumed by now we would be driving flying cars, and humans would be traveling to other planets and galaxies at this very point in time.







Social media is a trip. Pretty cool the barriers of entry is non-issue thanks to the internet. Happened to accidentally click on a live Q and A stream of someone I respect, and was able to have a conversation with them because of it. 



New website up and running. Still missing some peices and still has some glitches. But really wanted to clean things up from the last version. 

Last website version was starting to drive me nuts, so put the new one up live even though it's still in progress.