Float tank


Got a gift of 3 x 90 min float tank sessions. 

Been wanting to do this for a long time! 

Float tanks or sensory deprivation tanks are a tank with no light and water , water is same temperature as body, the water buoyancy is at a place that you float perfect so you can breath but feel no gravity, you see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing. You can go in naked too. All sensory is gone, your floating in space.

All you are left with us your mind. 

I heard amazing things about this, clarity, and a meditation so deep.

Super excited and a touch nervous. Peeling back the layers of your mind.

Ready for some next level mental game. 


Lab contamination


It's rare and only 2nd time this has happened. 

Surfed some smaller size waves then recent weeks and grabbed a different board for it. I was psyched because I wanted to ride this board that I rode once so far and it went real good! A newer design.

While surfing I was tripping out, that the board was much looser and free then I remembered, and it was actually designed to be a smaller board but have lots of positive hold and strong feeling of attack. I thought it was because I have been riding round pins and a hair longer board lately that now this one felt so free? 

After I was puzzled for a few days, and wondering why the board got a bit beat up on 2nd session, and why didn't this new design work like the first time?

Couple days later, the board was sitting on the side and I was tripping, it was so free and loose, and so many pressures for just 2 short surfs?   

Looked at the stringer writing. Come to find out , somehow I took the wrong board to surf. Casualties of testing all white boards.