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It's only a possible alien space probe some theorize.

Not to worry. Black Friday sales will still be on, and small NW swells through the week.

This unknown object passed through our solar system from deep space. Humans don't recognize it as we've seen nothing like it.

10 times longer then it is wide. Possibly accelerating after it past the sun. 

It was observed and caught by telescopes in Hawaii. Unfortunately it has left and we can no longer see it. 




More amazing then any Lambo or iPhone. This contraption right here that humans built, orbits the earth every 92 minutes, at over 17,000 miles per hour for the future of humanity.



No disrespect to King Kelly and all that he has done for surfing. He is amazing. 

I personally found Lex Fridman way more interesting and prepared. 

Surfing is the best, but there are some unreal people in this world who may not be wearing the coolest sneakers, or play a sport the best but are accomplishing things truly effecting humanity. Engineers, Astro physicist, scientist...etc  

Much respect to them. 



Got to check this out twice. First time had expectations of it going deep into diet and mental topics. So was a little let down.

Second time was able to let go those expectations and enjoy it for what it was. Interesting to see Kelly fascinated by Joe, as most times Kelly is getting interviewed and people are facinated by Kelly.